Library Services

Book Check-Out
Students can check out one book at a time for three weeks. There are no overdue fines; however, students must return their book before they are allowed to borrow another. If they lose their book there is a flat fine of $5 for a paperback and $10 for a hardback before they may borrow again. Teachers may borrow an unlimited number of items for an unlimited time but must return them all before the end of the school year.

Research and Reference Assistance
For any assignment you may have the librarian can help you find the resources you need to complete it successfully.

Information Literacy Instruction
The librarian can help you learn how to do your own research, both for Internet and print sources.

Readers' Advisory
Whether your favorite books are realistic fiction, mystery, science fiction or fantasy, the librarian can help find a book for you.

Computer Use and Printing

The library has 8 PCs and one black & white laser printer. The computers contain academic software applications, including Microsoft Office, and they provide Internet access.  

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