Academic Intervention Services

1. After-school programs:
  •  Extended Day Program is offered to Grades 3 and 4 which focuses on enhancing students' test-taking skills in ELA and mathematics.
  • Think and Create Program is sponsored by The Harlem Commonwealth Council Inc. The program is offered to selected 3rd and 4th grade students. The students are exposed to critical thinking and logical reasoning to become effective problem-solvers. Photography, dance and robotics are also part of the program.
  • Harlem Children Zone's After-school Program is offered from grades K to 2. The program provides homework help to students. It utilizes the LEXIA interactive reading program that assists students in improving their phonic awareness and reading comprehension skills.
  • Accelerated Reader program is offered to grades 3 and 5. The program exposes the students to different literary genres. The students are tested via the Renaissance Learning website to measure their reading comprehension skills. 
  • America Reads
  • Century Mission Society
  • Intergeneration Program   

2. Tutoring Program
3. Push-in Program
4. Saturday Academy Program
5. Summer School Program   

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