Apollo Oral History Project

The Apollo Theater Oral History Project at C.S. 154, the Harriet Tubman Learning Center, teaches fourth and fifth grade students how to conduct oral history interviews and use collected information as content to create theatrical vignettes.


The Project integrates the history of Harlem, Black culture and the Apollo Theater into the school’s Social Studies, ELA and Arts curricula. A focus of the Project is the development of intergenerational relationships between C.S. 154 students and elders from the Harlem community. The Project also addresses the New York State Learning Standards for Social Studies, ELA, and the Arts.


Fourth and fifth grade student projects will become part of the Apollo’s larger archive initiative and will be a resource for future generations.


Partnership Goals

 Develop and increase students’ knowledge of the correlations between Harlem’s history, Black history, and the history of the Apollo Theater.

 Develop students’ appreciation of the impact of Black Americans on the history and culture of New York City.

 Provide students with a perspective of 20th century history through the living lens of those who experienced it first-hand.

 Engage students in the process of gathering and recording information and then using it as content to create art.

 Provide classroom teachers with lesson plans and resources for incorporating oral history into the overall school curricula.


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