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Our Mission

The High School of Math, Science & Engineering at The City College is a unique and unparalleled collaborative educational experience in which talented students are challenged to expand their intellect and to develop the habits of inquiry, expression, critical thinking, problem seeking as well as problem solving, research and presentation. Instructionally supported and enriched by The City College of The City University of New York, one of the Nation's premier public colleges, this academically rigorous learning environment will focus on math, engineering and science, while emphasizing civic responsibility and the value of knowledge for its own intrinsic reward.

Our instructional program is designed to cultivate the ability to access and analyze information, to view the world through multiple perspectives, to make connections and see patterns across disciplines and to imagine the unimaginable.

Students will complete their high school requirements in the third year of study and will be permitted to enroll in college courses related to their field of interest in the senior year. Students will have the opportunity to earn a minimum of one year of college credit and continue at CUNY or avail themselves of other collegiate opportunities, with the potential to enter with sophomore status.
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