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Welcome to the campus of the City College of New York! You are coming to the campus of a College created 155 years ago that has educated tens of thousands of leaders in New York, the United States and worldwide. The City College of New York is The City University of New York's flagship college in science, engineering and architecture, and is also noted for its excellence in the social science, the arts and humanities. Among many advantages, The City College provides an opportunity for students to participate in research programs with some of the most distinguished faculty in their fields.

The New York City Board of Education through the Manhattan High Schools Superintendency is extremely proud to be part of a wonderful collaboration with CUNY and The City College of New York. It is our goal to ensure that The High School for Math, Science and Engineering at CCNY will stimulate the intellectual curiosity of all our students in a college environment enriched by the knowledge and professional experience of our two educational communities. We will work towards a collective goal of high achievement for every member of this new and dynamic venture. With the commitment of all the parties involved, we are certain that we will succeed.  We welcome you here to one of the largest, most historically prominent campuses in Manhattan, and we eagerly anticipate educating the class of 2006.

Gregory H. Williams,
President, CCNY

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