Admissions and Graduation Requirements

See Series A-101: Admissions, Readmissions, Transfer and List Notice for All Students and Series A-501: Promotion Standards.

Admission to Kindergarten

Students entering to kindergarten in September will be admitted if they are five years of age on or before December 31 st of the school year. Parents who enroll their children for first time in New York Public school are required to complete the Home Language Identification Survey (HLIS) which contains questions about the language used at home with caregivers, siblings, and peers. This survey helps identify students who may have limited English proficiency. The Bilingual Coordinator will evaluate the individual child to determine if students are entitled to bilingual/ESL programs and services. Since we are a Dual Language school, students will be place in a Dual Language program in Kindergarten and will continue their education until eighth grade. 

                                         Graduation Requirements

Our Graduation Requirement at PS/IS 18, also includes completion of all classwork/homework.  Passing of all classes with a focus on core subjects.  Satisfactory attendance record.  Completion of portfolio pieces for ELA and Math.

                                           School Wide Grading Policy

 As a means to set clear expectations, provide students and parents actionable feedback and reveal both areas of celebration and improvement across subject areas, the following grading policy reflects our school wide beliefs. It has been shared with our stakeholders and accepted as our School Wide Grading Policy for students in K-3 and 4-8.

What is our Grading Policy?

 School Wide K-8:

* Our school awards grades 4 times during the school year in every course.

* Grades are cumulative and show student’s progress throughout the year.

* Our school awards grades on a 1-4 grading scale for students in K-3 as such:

1- Below grade level standards

2- Approaches grade level standards

3- Meets grade level standards

4- Exceeds grade level standards

*Our school awards numeric grades on a scale of 55-100 for all courses aligned to the 1-4 scale used in K-3 for grades 4-8 as follows:

1= 0-59%- Below grade level standards

2= 60-74%- Approaching grade level standards

3=75-89%- Meets grade level standards

4= 90+%-   Exceeds grade level standards

Students are accountable for the mastering of their grade level standards.

When are we grading? Providing feedback?

·         We award grades 4 times a year to demonstrate student’s level of understanding, reveal areas of improvement, inform a teacher’s curricular and instructional decisions as well as identify additional supports for our students.

·         Aside from 3 Parent Teacher Conferences and 1 final grade report, teachers are expected to administer weekly quizzes and End of Unit Assessments providing students with multiple opportunities to master a struggling grade.

·         Weekly quizzes must provide students with thoughtful feedback for improvement.

·         Students have up to 1 week to complete missed or late work.

·         5 points are deducted for every day an assignment is late.

·         Teachers may not give a 0 grade as students must be given multiple opportunities to master . This must be reflected during teacher PP and Intervention periods. NOTED ON ENGRADE. Parents are to be notified immediately of the need to pull up a grade and discussions held with students.

·         Grades 2-8- ENGRADE is expected to be updated every Tuesday indicating the following:

-          Name and date weekly assessments- Quizzes- Staring with Baseline

-          Name and date of End of Unit Assessments

-          Names and dates of RETAKES- minimum 3 and Highest grade prevails

-          Grades K,1- Parental Progress Reports sent 3xs a year aside from parent teacher conferences and final grade report.

Grading Policy Grades 6,7,8- Departmentalized – Expectations aligned to our School Wide Core Beliefs:

A. Evidence in Argument- Students justify responses by referencing text

B. Engagement in meaningful discussions

C. Students working in collaborative groups

ELA , Social Studies and Science:

1. Response to literary and informational text.

2. Reading and analyzing literary and informational text.

3. Weekly writing assignments to generate discussion of arguments in evidence from text

4. Classroom presentations- Student to Student feedback


1. Participation, preparedness, attendance- 10%

2. Completed Homework- 10%

3. Weekly assessments, end of unit assessments- 20%

4. Projects and Portfolio Tasks- 40%

5. Class work assignments- Collaborative Group work- 20%



1. Participation, preparedness, attendance- 10%

2. Completed Homework- 10%

3. Weekly open ended responses- generate discussions in conceptual understanding- 10%

4. Projects and Portfolio Tasks, oral presentations multiple step problems, student to student feedback- 45%

5. Class work assignments- Collaborative Group work- 25%

Parental Feedback and Ongoing Communication:

·         Parental communication is critical to student progress and ongoing support.

·         Calls can be made as need but a reminder that positive calls are as important

·         Tuesdays- Set up meeting time with parents and keep documentation of these meetings.

·         ENGRADE- Grades 2-8- Must be current as passwords are distributed to parents. This is where they check for progress, teacher messages and celebrations!

·         Grades K,1- Progress reports will go out 3 times a year aside from PTC- Include Waterford Progress Reports

·         Celebrate your parents- See me about Certificates of Appreciation!

Together we make a valuable difference in the lives of our children!

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