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Our English-Spanish Dual Language Program is offered to students in grades K-5. We follow a team-teaching approach: Two teachers work together to provide two classes with instruction, one being responsible for the English and the other for the Spanish component of the program.

Each classroom contains educational materials in the language of instruction that has been designated for that classroom. The teachers follow an alternate date model in which one-day instruction is received in English and the following day in Spanish. All students receive literary instruction in English and Spanish.

In Kindergarten, we follow a sequential literacy model. The component of balanced literacy program are introduced in the student's dominant language. Students are separated by language proficiency and are exposed to the second language through content area instruction.

Grades 1-5 follow a simultaneously literacy mode based on an alternating language pattern. Reading units are taught in the language of the day. For writing, using an alternating pattern, half of the units are taught in English and the other half in Spanish.

What are the characteristics of successful students in dual language programs?

  • They like to learn new things.
  • They come from families that encourage bi-literacy and respect for other cultures.
  • They accept the challenge and have the motivation to learn two languages.

What are the benefits of selecting a dual language for a student?

Bilingual individuals have a greater mental flexibility.

Educational: Students in dual language programs perform as well, or even better academically than their peers in monolingual programs.

Personal: Students in dual language programs have a high self-esteem.

Social: Knowing a second language, gives students the opportunity to build relationships with people of other cultures and within their community.

Economic: The demand for bilingual people in the work force is increasing world-wide. Being bilingual represents a great advantage in the work force.

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