PS 192 School Description

Our school, Jacob H. Schiff Elementary also known as PS192, is located in the Hamilton Heights section of Manhattan across the street from City College. It serves a population of 376 students in grades Pre-K through 5.  The majority of our students are of Hispanic descent. The adults in our school community are dedicated and committed to working together to accelerate student achievement and to create a caring and nurturing second home for our young learners.


Our educational premise is that all children, including students with disabilities and English Language learners, must receive grade level instruction that is challenging, yet engaging, rigorous yet motivational. Whether it is by providing students with scaffolds and supports or by providing students with enrichment opportunities, our teachers work hard to create differentiated activities for students to achieve their instructional learning goals.

Our school has adopted Treasures as our ELA curriculum and, in math, we have adopted Math Connects. Both curricula are aligned with New York State standards. We believe that by having a uniform curriculum, students reap the benefit of teachers’ precise grade level planning and vertical planning.  In light of the emergence of Common Core State Standards, the school has already begun to address the much higher student expectations conveyed in the revised set of standards.

The content of the unit assessments, incorporating rigorous questions and writing activities aligned to the expectations of the Common Core State Standards, drives teachers’ daily instruction. We realize that, as educators, preparing students to meet or exceed the NY state standards ultimately means that we are providing our students with the necessary skills and understandings to do well in middle school, high school, college and beyond.


As the development of higher order thinking skills is one of the most important attributes we can impart to our students, the school works hard in cultivating teachers’ abilities to develop student writing. Developing the craft of writing is interwoven with the development of our students’ ability to think critically. To this end, a large part of the work of teacher teams is dedicated to analyze their students’ writing (after scoring it using a uniform criteria), and identifying strategies to address areas of need. This inquiry approach also takes place in the analysis of math and ELA unit assessments. To further enhance our collaborative practices and to enhance teachers’ professional practice, our faculty participates in book studies designed to move the school’s writing agenda forward.


After school, we provide our students with opportunities to participate in clubs, academic support and enrichment opportunities. During the school day, all of our students receive library/research classes, computer classes, music, and gym classes. We offer a variety of extra-curricular activities in order to foster a positive self-esteem, appropriate social interactions and team spirit, and to cultivate their talents and skills. We have America Scores Co-ed soccer program, a basketball team, and a baseball team as part of our extracurricular activities.


We place great emphasis and effort in maintaining a strong bond with our parents. To us, parental involvement is one of the most important elements of the success of a school. To this end, the principal and staff members work closely with the parent association in creating activities to increase parental involvement. We also know that that the academic success of our children is most likely to show itself when there is a strong partnership between parents and the school. Many of our workshops are given by our staff and are designed to give parents an in depth look into our curriculum and state expectations.


We nurture our students’ socio-emotional needs. To support our students and their families, we house a Parent-Child Mental Health Clinic from Saint Luke's Hospital which provides pre-screening evaluations for family counseling services and other support services and evaluations. We also have a partnership with the Heritage Medical/Dental Health Clinic which provides free medical services to our students on-site. In addition we have an on-site SAPIS counselor who provides push-in intervention services across the grades.


PS 192 received in C in the 2009-2010 Progress Report after having received A’s for the previous two years.  Despite the drop in overall grade due to a decrease in ELA and math test performance, PS192 received a B in the Learning Environment survey and a B in the area of student progress. Our daily attendance is close to 94%. The school met Adequate Yearly Progress in math and science, not in ELA. The school continues to be a school in good standing.

    We are most proud of our Robin Hood Library which was created with funding from the Robin Hood Foundation. The library teacher works in collaboration with the classroom teachers on different project based learning activities.  We are also proud of our Technology program which supports our students in becoming technology literate. We are also proud of our Project Arts Program which provides enrichment in vocal and instrumental music, and our visual arts program which integrates curriculum content and art. We are also very proud of our Pre-K program which serves as a model for the rest of the district. We are very proud of our gym and sports program which allows our student to be healthier and in shape. We believe that we can make a difference everyday for a better tomorrow.

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