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Student Council

Student Council


The first student council was formed through an elective process in January of 2004. This was a direct result of the 2-Way Bilingual grant’s provision for the creation of a student governing body. The first year only three students ran and therefore, were elected. Their positions on the student council were determined by the number of votes they gained. In the second year, the same thing occurred. In the third year, one more student than positions eligible was nominated and to not discourage participation in student government another position was created, that of treasurer.

Since then nominations and elections have had more than the allotted positions. Therefore, only those fully elected earn a position on the Student Council.

In the past the election was only held among the seventh graders. Today the election is open to the whole middle school student body. When we move to our new building (2007- 2008) the plan is to open the election to the whole student body including the middle and lower school.


The privilege to run for office is open to every seventh grader. In order to be nominated and then run, the student has to acquire three letters of recommendations. Each letter comes from a different constituency, a teacher, parent, and a community leader. The letters of recommendations are collected and reviewed by the Faculty Advisor.  If an unsatisfactory score or negative comment appears on any letter of recommendation the student is disqualified from running a campaign.


All of the students found eligible to run have a week to run a campaign. No negative posturing is allowed during campaign week. The students post posters, give away incentives, request to speak in classes, and publicize in the student newsletter.


The election  is open to the whole middle school. The student body is given the option to vote for the students on the ballot.  The student who receives the highest number of votes for a position, gains that position. The election takes place in one day and the results are announced the following school day.

Student Council Positions

President- Leads the work of the Student Council. Represents the council at other meetings and events. Determines the issues to be addressed, and plans accordingly throughout the year. Writes a monthly letter in the student newsletter.

Vice President- Supports the leadership of the President. Stands in for the President when the president is not able to perform his/her duties.

Secretary- Takes minutes of every meeting. Supports the leadership of the President. Collects all material needed for the publication of the monthly student newsletter.

Treasurer- Keeps record of any monetary issues. Supports the leadership of the President.

Faculty Advisor: A staff member that guides and advises the student council as needed. Facilitates the publication of the student newsletter.


From the date of the Installation Ceremony (usually in November) to the following school year’s Installation Ceremony.

Time Frame

September: Orientation provided to Seventh graders by Faculty Advisor.

Late October: Letters of recommendations gathered. Nominations announced.

November: Election held. Installation Ceremony held.

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