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Our Mission


At Intermediate School 218, The Salome Urena de Henriquez School, we are a small learning community whose motto is 'Without Children.There Is No School." We are a member of the Comprehensive School Reform initiative and, as such fund our academic programs with assistance from the CSR grant. We are guided by the 'middle school philosophy' and as a restructured school in its second year, our academic program is comprised of America's Choice School Design balanced literacy program, Impact math, technology, and the core curriculum in science and social studies. To support our large community of bilingual and second language learners we provide small group instruction, one-to-one tutorials, and portable computer labs for independent student tutorials. Our academic programs also include instruction in the visual and performing arts (art, dance, chorus and band). In addition to the academic focus, housed in our school is the community based organization, Children's Aid Society that supports us in developing children that are socially and emotionally able to be successful in an urban community.


To positively impact student learning by improving the organizational effectiveness, teacher skill, and the ability to identify and address student needs through the use of data that informs and drives our instructional focus to better support student improvement. To further impact students' lives by ensuring positive family school relations.

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