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1) Amistad teachers write their own Social Studies
and Science curriculum each year, aligning it with
the New York State Standards. A cornerstone to
the curriculum is the incorporation of the surrounding
resources of the Washington Heights / Inwood communities.

2) The in-depth studies in each grade are realized by
engaging the students in project based and inquiry
based learning and artifact studies. By gathering and
processing information, student’s research skills and
appropriate use of technology are enhanced. Each in-depth study
culminates with an event that parents are invited to and which the
student’s learning is celebrated via classroom museums, publishing parties
or the creation of a class book.

3) Balanced literacy is taught using the workshop model.
Our Math program utilizes the materials from the
Department of Education’s core curriculum, Everyday Math
and Impact Math and integrates the philosophy of constructivist math
by using TERC materials as well.

For more information please go to http://www.amistadschool.org/teacher-pages

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