Dual Language Program   

Maria Teresa Mirabal MS 319 administrators, teachers and staff are dedicated to ensuring that each student acquires the skills and knowledge to succeed in a global society by working towards the following goals:



3.Cross-cultural abilities

4.High- Academic Achievement


·         Literacy & content instruction through two languages, for all students(Monolingual Delivery of Instruction)

·         Extended Period of Implementation

o        Grades 6-8th

·         With a 50- 50 model, 50 % of daily instruction is in Spanish & 50% in English   


50-50 Model

  • Full Day 6th Grade
  • Participating language groups include Spanish & English
  • Parental Support is an essential component of this program


·         Literacy is formally taught in Spanish & English 6th Grade

·         Math is taught in English in the Fall semester and in Spanish in the Spring semester

·         Content- Based ESL (English as a Second Language) Social Studies & Science instruction content-based

·         Technology, PE Dance & Art are taught in English






MS 319’s Program Model is unique.

Its structure is aligned to with existent district goals and expected outcomes, such as 6-8th grade reading (90% of students will be at or above grade level in English reading at the 6th, 7th or 8th grade level.) The program model reflects collaboration amongst district, staff and consultants.



Delivery of instruction occurs in monolingual setting. Teachers cannot switch from one language to another during instruction. The language of instruction is also to be observed by volunteers & visitors to the classroom. During the initial years in the program, students are allowed to respond and ask questions in their native language even if it is different than the language of instruction.



Teachers remain in the language of instruction and use various strategies for responding to questions and teaching in a way that is comprehensible to students.

Teachers use many research- based strategies and resources to make instruction understandable to English & Spanish learners.

Resources used to create purposeful lessons and to provide rigorous instruction include:

Grade Level Expectations

NYS Performance Standards and Indicators

The use of Technology   (Smartboards) in classrooms


Renaissance Reading/Math programs

Listening Centers




All parents wishing to enroll their children in the dual Language Program must complete the enrollment process. If the selection process is closed and there are no available spots, students are placed on a waiting list. Filling open slots from the waiting list will only be permitted in sixth grade upon successful completion of select assessment. Enrollment Process:

1) Attend a Parent Informational meeting and fill out an interest form.

2) Complete the screening process:

·         Parent Interview with program Facilitator

·         Parent Survey

·         Student Assessment

3)   Receive Results of Screening Process:

  • If a child qualifies, sign the commitment letter.


4)    Register Child at Assigned School

5)     Attend Parent Orientation

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