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For any student, excellent attendance is the first necessary requirement for academic achievement and personal development. Common sense indicates that a student may be absent for personal illness or emergencies at home. The goal should, however, be 100% attendance.

The School acknowledges a record of excellence in attendance through school-wide attendance awards and through referrals to the Manhattan Superintendent's Office and to the Central Department of Education for nomination for citywide recognition. Procedures to be used by the guidance and attendance staffs to identify and correct problems:
  • Attendance records will be reviewed electronically each day. Parents of absent students will be notified each day via phone messenger.

  • Students who have been absent for three consecutive days will be referred to a Guidance Counselor. If the records in the Attendance Office indicate that the parent has not contacted the school, a call will be made to the home.

  • Students who are absent three days in a month will be called to the Attendance Office and will be interviewed. If this pattern is repeated the following month, parent contact will be made. Should the pattern continue, the student will be referred for guidance.

  • Students with patterns of excessive absence will be referred to the Attendance Teacher who will visit the home.

Parent Notification:
  • Parents are advised to call Ms. Williams, the Attendance Coordinator, at extension 1130, if their child will be absent, especially if it is an absence of more than one day, or if they believe an error was made. Phone calls will be made to the home if a student is absent for three days and a parent has not notified the school.

  • Every month a postcard will be sent to the home of each student who was absent during that time period. The card will indicate the date(s) of absence. This postcard is the official notification from the Department of Education of the absence of your child.

  • The number of times a student has been absent and the number of times the student has been late during the marking period will appear on the student's report card.

The Role of the Parent:
  • When the student returns to school after any absence the parent must provide him/her with a signed note that explains the reason for the absence.

  • Students who have been absent because they were on an official campus visit to review a college must obtain a dated letter from the college's Admission Office to document their school absence.

  • Parents should notify the school if their child will be absent for more than three consecutive days. Parents should contact the Attendance Office at (212) 926-0113 ext. 1130 so that teachers can be notified and homework support can be arranged. To facilitate the delivery of homework assignments, parents may provide the school with a FAX number.

  • At the end of each marking period the parent should review the record of attendance that appears on the report card. If an error has been made, the parent should provide the student with a note indicating, as specifically as possible, the error that has been made. This note must be brought to the Attendance Office, Room 113.

When a Student Returns to School After an Absence:
  • When a student returns to school after any absence he/she must bring in a note that has been signed by their parent.

  • This note should contain the student's name, four digit ID number and official class designation.

  • This note should be shown to each of the student's subject class teachers for signature.

  • The signed note must be brought to the Attendance Office, Room 113, where it will be recorded and filed.

Early Excuse Passes:
  • Early excuse passes are available in the attendance office (room 113). A note from the doctor or your parents must accompany the request. A parent must be available by phone to confirm the request. The school will accept faxes from the parent if needed.

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