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The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology is an exciting and innovative new student-centered learning community of middle school students that provides a rigorous academic program in a supportive and nurturing environment. Our small and intensive print rich classrooms are laboratories of engaging and challenging instruction.

At the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology we expect our children to be prepared for an age of information technology and global commerce by working in collaborative groups, partnering with universities, businesses, and other local schools through hands-on application of academic investigations. Through collaborative relationships with Cornell and Columbia University, the Federal Reserve Bank and local businesses, students will be able to explore and combine their many interests, talents, and ideas in a risk-free atmosphere that engages every child.

We believe that learning becomes more meaningful when it is purposeful. Real world examples and applications in business and technology will be a major part of the curriculum and students will be able to explored technical careers through classroom experiences, guest speakers, field trips, internships, and student entrepeneurship projects.

The Laboratory School of Finance and Technology special academic programs include:
  • Accelerated and individualized academic program
  • Small and intensive learning environment
  • After school specialty classes in telecommunications, computer technician, personal finance, architecture, law and video production.
  • Power Lunch and Book Pal program
  • Student Government and school-wide spirit days
  • Career Day and Community Service Component
We believe in building and sustaining learning communities. Our academic program will feature a balanced literacy approach to reading and investigations in mathematics. This engaging program will be supported by our After-school Lab Academy, Saturday Institute and mentorships with business and industry experts. Our staff will meet several times a week in collaborative groups to discuss classroom experiences, interdisciplinary planning, and innovative ideas focused on improving learning and engaging all children.

Parent Involvement is a crucial component at the Lab School. We believe in an "Open Class Day" policy once a month where parents are invited to see our wonderful faculty in action all day and participate in our learning laboratories.

At the Laboratory School of Finance and Technology you will find an educational atmosphere that fosters a safe and nurturing environment where learning flourishes and ideas are rewarded.
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