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Office of Program Accessibility
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Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building ALFRED E. SMITH HS - X, 333 EAST 151 STREET
Architectural  Electrical  Mechanical
 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
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Annual Facilities Survey
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Department of Health Report
DateViolation CodeExplanationCorrective ActionRemarks
7/13/201005DKitchen front food prep/ servicce area, side prep/service and staff toilet facility hand wash sink were observed without hot running water.During the inspection the pipe was fixed and hot water was restored to all sinks. Not resolved
7/13/201008Aagap of approximately 1/2 inch was observed in between the floor drain / drain cover under the canned foos storage shelves in the kitchen food storage room.Floor drain cover was properly positioned over the floor drain to prevent any gap. Not resolved
7/13/201010GTiled floor was observed with 5 dead roaches under the bleach storage shelf next to the .3- compartment in the kitchen. 2 - dead roaches under the canned goods storage shelf in the kitchen food storage room. 1- dead roach next the single compartment sink in the side food prep/ service area.Sr.SLH swept , moped and sanitized area. A write up was issue. Copy fax to PEST CONTROL. Not resolved
7/13/201004MObserved on the floor in the corner next to and on the metal paper goods storage in the kitchen food storage room. OSFNS Staff re-instructed on proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures. All areas were immediately cleaned. Pest Control immediately notified. Resolved
Data Provided by: Department of Health / Office of Food and Nutrition Services
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Capacity and Utilization Report
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