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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

At New Explorers High School, we teach our students that learning is a lifelong process. No matter how old we get, something new will be just around the corner. In order to adapt to new challenges, we must stop and think—and take time to learn about what lies ahead. We must keep an open mind or risk getting left behind in a world that changes faster every day. We encourage students to do whatever it takes to move forward in their education and to be progressive in their adaptation to changing times. Receiving a good education creates opportunity, whether a student is on a path to college or a career. 

As teachers, paraprofessionals, and (yes) principals, we need to make sure wepractice what we preach. Our changing world required an aggressive remake of New Explorers High School during the past two years. The swiftness ofthe changes often seemed breathtaking to our school community. In these uncertain times, however, we had no choice but to quicken the pace of our efforts to ensure a 21st Century education for our students. 

Here are some highlights for our school: 

·      Our curriculum for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts are aligned with the new rigorous national academicstandards that are designed to prepare students for college. 

·      We have added a journalism program (complete with a school newspaper). 

·      A Foundations of Science class has been formed to help preparestruggling students for the Science Regents. 

·      We have moved to block scheduling in English Language Arts in9th and 10th grades to ensure students spend more time on academic tasks. Some Integrated Algebra classes in 10th grade also operate on block scheduling toprepare students better for the math Regents. 

·      We have revised our schoolwide student-uniform policy to create an even more positive learning environment. 

Finally, we also will continue to improve our efforts tocommunicate with parents. Our school website was created to give students, parents, and guardians a clearer understanding of our policies, expectations,and coursework. In addition, I hope it saves you time by helping you get intouch with us easily.

—Jacob Hobson, Principal

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