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Our Mission

A member of The Academy for Careers in Sports community continually strives:

  • to prepare for successes in life;
  • to respect themselves, their community, and their surroundings;
  • to have pride in their own accomplishments, and in the accomplishments of their peers;
  • to develop a work ethic that leads to competence and success in their chosen career;
  • to listen to and value the opinions and thoughts of others;
  • to develop and exercise their own voice in order to be heard throughout life;
  • to welcome and confront challenge;
  • to become someone who values education, personal integrity, good citizenship, teamwork, compassion, and love of family.
Students of The Academy for Careers in Sports will be guided by the understanding that every individual action in the classroom, the hallways, the playing fields, and outside of school will eventually shape their destiny.
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