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School Discipline Plan

MS 223 is committed to ensuring that our schools are places where students learn and staff can teach in a safe, secure and orderly environment. Therefore it is necessary that students, staff and parents understand there are standards of behavior that general education and special education students are expected to comply. There are consequences if these standards are violated. These standards of behavior include the Department of Education Citywide Standards of Disciplinary and Intervention Measures (Discipline Code). They set forth a comprehensive description of unacceptable behavior and the range of permissible disciplinary measures.

Educators are responsible for informing parents about their child's behavior and for nurturing the skills students need to succeed in school and in society. As role models, school staff should exhibit behavior which they would like their students to emulate.

Levels of Intervention
There are several levels of intervention. The fIrst level of intervention is the classroom teacher. Each classroom should have school rules, consequences and rewards posted. Each classroom should use a four level consequence system. The four level consequence system will be distributed during the first week of school. Classroom expectations and procedures should be clear and explicit. When a problem results in the removal of a student from the classroom and all four levels of consequences have been exhausted, a parental conference will be held between the parent, teacher and student. If the situation calls for stronger intervention, the principal will attend the conference. At this conference the teacher will bring all documentation on the history of the problem and interventions used. If an infraction on the student discipline code is committed, an incident report with a witness statement by the accuser and accused will be filed with the Regional office. A guidance conference may be called to order. The principal or his/her designee, guidance counselor, the student's parent and one or more of the student's teachers will attend guidance conferences. If the behavior cannot be extinguished or is of a serious nature, a suspension will result in the removal of the student from the school for three days or less. If the problem is of the most serious nature, a superintendent's suspension will be sought and permanent removal of the student from the school will be requested

The Levels of Intervention are:
Level 1 1st Time: Warning
2nd Time: Change Seat
3rd Time: No Lunch Time Recess
4th Time: Lose All Privileges for the Day, Call or Letter Home
Level II Removal from Class, Incident Report Submitted, Parent Conference
Level III Suspension from School
Level IV Expulsion from School.

Preventative Measures
In order to support positive social behavior, MS 223 will use student contracts and a school-wide token system. Student contacts will be given out the first day of school and discussed with students. At that moment teachers will briefly discuss the Department of Education Discipline Code and School Discipline Plan. Teachers will introduce the classroom discipline plan or elicit responses to create a class discipline plan. Teachers will also introduce the school-wide token system utilizing school bucks. This dual-purpose system seeks to encourage socially acceptable behavior and personal finances.

Uniform Policy
School Uniform for MS 223: White Shirt, Dark Blue Pants/Skirt and Black Shoes

All students are required to wear uniforms as mandated by the Regulation of the Chancellor A-665 of the New York City Board of Education. According to the Chancellor's regulation:

" The mandatory uniform policy is intended to promote a more effective learning climate; foster school unity and pride; improve student performance; foster self-esteem; eliminate label competition; simplify dressing and minimize costs to parents; teach children appropriate dress and decorum in their "work" place; and help to improve student conduct and discipline."

The school uniform for boys is a white collared shirt and navy blue pants with black shoes. The school uniform for girls is a white collared shirt and navy blue skirt or pants. Every effort should be made to select a uniform that is durable, easy-to-care-for, and cost effective. Uniforms may not consist of clothing which constitutes a health or safety hazard or which is disruptive to the educative process.

If your child does not wear the school uniform, there are several consequences. Initially you will receive a call home. You child will be taken out of class and will remain in the office with comparable class work until you arrive with the school uniform or a reason why your child does not have the school uniform. Due to safety concerns, your child will not be allowed to go out into the schoolyard during lunch.

If purchasing the uniform is a financial strain, you may contact the school for assistance and such request shall be kept confidential.

Approximate uniform prices:
Pants $10-$13
Skirt $8-$13
Shirt $7-$10
Tie $3-$4
Shoes $10-$20

If you have any questions about the uniform policy at MS223 please see Mr. Gonzalez. Principal. in Room 104 or call 347-563-4882.
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