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Parent Association

  1. Article - Name of Organization

  2. The organization shall be known as the Parent Association of MS. 223x

  3. Article - Nature and Purpose

    • Section I

    • The general purpose of this association shall be:
      1. An understanding between parents, schools, teachers and children.
      2. To help support school activities
      3. To participate more in the schools activities
      4. To promote better home and school relations
      5. Parent education (workshops, computer technology)

  4. Article - Membership

    • Section 1
      Membership shall be limited to parents or guardians of students attending this school, and individuals who have completed the necessary "Designated Parent Form". There is one vote per family. Members shall avoid voting where there is a conflict of interest.

  5. Article - Officers and Their Elections

    • Section 1 - Number, Manner OF Selection and term of Office

    • The government of the Association is nested in its officers and there is a definite rank of authority to each office. These officers will be by election.

    • Section 2 - Elections

    • Officers are elected annually in May at an open meeting. This association shall be composed of President. Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary and Treasurer. The school Leadership Team Parent Members will also be elected annually in May. However, if there should be but one candidate for any office, the election may be by Voice of Motion from the floor. Officers shall hold office for a term of one year, and shall serve until their successors are elected and installed.

    • Section 3 - Qualification

    • No person shall be elected to hold office of this organization unless he or she is a parent, guardian or designated parent of a child enrolled in this school as a member of this Association.

    • Section 4 - Vacancies

    • A vacancy occurring in an office shall be filled by the recommendation of the Executive Board and approved by the membership at its next regular meeting. Officers who wish to resign must do so in writing, then given to the Secretary. If the Recording Secretary resigns, he/she records to the President. A limit of only one vote per family is allowed.

  6. Article - Duties of Officers

    • Section 1
      1. The president Shall:
        1. Preside at all meetings of the Association, give an outstanding example of cooperation with the school and community.
        2. Plan meetings and activities of the Association and hold the Chairperson and his or her committee members for the activities entrusted to them.
        3. Represent the Associate at other meetings and present a report of the transaction of those meetings to the Executive Board.
        4. Sign all official documents and papers of the Association.
        5. To serve ex-officio in all committees of the Association. except the Nomination Committee
        6. Perform such other duties as are usually attached to the office of the President.

      2. As the presiding officer, the president shall:
        1. Call the meeting to order. It is mandatory that all meetings be called to order at the appointed time. Irrespective of the attendance present. It is equally important to adjourn promptly.
        2. Speed the transaction of any business or problems.
        3. Maintain proper order.
        4. Recognize the rights of all members. assign the floor to them impartially, and allows speakers and observers rights, it time permits, to address the membership.
        5. Cast the decisive vote according to parliamentary law.
        6. Not debate or discuss any questions while occupying the chair. If he or she wishes to enter debate, he or she must appoint a temporary chairperson and leave the chair.

    • Section 2 - The Vice President

    • The Vice President shall have all the powers and perform the duties of the President in his or her absence.

    • Section 3 - The Corresponding Secretary
      1. The qualifications for the Corresponding Secretary shall include the ability to writes legibly, with a sense of accuracy and understanding of the system and the value of records, and sufficient leisure time to perform the many duties.
      2. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the correspondence of the association. This includes the notices of the general and special meetings of the Association, as well as notices for the meeting of the Executive Board. Notices should be timely, so as to reach the members ten days before the scheduled meeting.
      3. He or She shall receive all the correspondence of the association. Letters and notices which have been sent to other officers of the association shall be given to the Secretary.
      4. He or she shall read all correspondence at meetings of the Association.
      5. He or she shall answer all correspondence promptly
      6. He or she shall keep a file of all correspondence received and replies made.
      7. He or she shall supply the publicity chairman with all the facts on the meetings.

    • Section 4 - The Recording Secretary
      1. The Recording Secretary shall compile carefully the minutes at all meetings. This included the minutes of the regular and special meetings of the Executive Board. These minutes contain the record of all the acts and transactions of the Association-that is, a statement of the nature of the meetings; namely if regularly; special or adjourned meeting; the name of the association, the date. the time and place of the meeting .and the name of the presiding office.
      2. In recording all business transacted, the Recording Secretary may omit the details of the discussion. All matters are presented objectively and sufficiently. The Recording Secretary may not state personal opinion.
      3. He or She shall record all motions and resolutions. This includes the exact wording of the motion, the names of its pro poser and the recorder, and the result of the vote.
      4. He or She shall read the minutes to the assembly at the next meeting and distribute the membership.
      5. He or She shall keep a membership roster of the Association and prepare a copy for the Corresponding Secretary.
      6. He or She shall keep copies of the Constitution of this Association. The Recording Secretary shall bring a copy of these documents to all meetings of the Association.

    • Section 5 - The Treasurer

    • The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the association. The duties of the Treasurer include the collection of dues and other revenues of the Association: The distribution of funds; keeping the financial records of the Association and controlling the funds to avoid deficits. On the fulfillment if his of her duties, the treasurer shall:
      1. Receive the monies and all others revenues of the Association
      2. Issue a receipt in duplicate for all monies received. The original copy of the receipt is to be given to the person making payments and the duplicate is retained by the Treasurer.
      3. Deposit all monies in the bank of the Association
      4. Receive all statements
      5. Keep a record if the membership and note all contributions
      6. Refer the statement to the Executive Board
      7. Keep a book in which all incomes and expenditures of the Association are recorded
      8. Submit a report on the financial condition of the Association to the monthly meetings of the Executive Board and of the Association. The book and records of the Treasurer shall be audited by the Audit Committee at the Board meeting before election. The Board, in turn, will present its report to the annual meeting of the organization and submit final statement on January 31st and June 30th of each year of all income and expenditures.

  7. Article - Executive Board

    • Section 1 - Composition
      1. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers of the Association, also the chairman and member of committees
      2. The executive Board shall plan and direct the work necessary to carry out the program. They shall act as a Committee of Ways and Means; shall audit the books of the Treasurer; shall meet to discuss questions pertaining to the welfare of the Association and report at the next general meeting. They shall create and designated such special committees, as it may deem necessary.

    • Section 2 - Meetings

    • Regular meetings of the Executive Board shall be the second Thursday of each month unless said day fall on a legal holiday, in which case the Executive Board may select a different meeting date. The President may call special meetings of the Executive Board and shall call a special meeting upon the written request of five members of the Board. The position of any member of the Executive board who fails to attend three consecutive meetings without adequate cause shall be declared vacant, and shall be removed from office by recommendation of the Executive Board and vote of the membership.

    • Section 3 - Quorum

    • A majority of the members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum.

  8. Article - Financial Administration

    • Section 1 - Budget Committee

    • The Budget Committee shall be responsible for a written review of the prior year's budget for discussion at the May membership meeting and to prepare a proposed budget for adoption by the membership at the meeting.

    • Section 2 - Fiscal Year

    • The fiscal year of the Association shall commence on July 1st when school opens.

    • Section 3 - Dues

    • The dues shall be $5.00 for the entire family for the school year. This is not a requirement for Membership and has no effect on voting or running for office. It is a contribution to the . Association.

  9. Article - Meetings

    • Section 1 - Membership Meetings

    • Membership meetings shall be held either at 9:30 or 6:00pm. Every 4th Wednesday of each Month, unless said day falls on a legal holiday, in which case a different day may be selected.

    • Section 2 - Annual Meetings

    • The last meeting of the school year shall be the Annual Meeting, at which time annual reports shall be given and new officers installed.

    • Section 3 - Quorums

    • Quorums at the general membership meeting shall be ten members. Should an emergency meeting be necessary a quorum shall consist of 2/3rds of Membership present.

  10. Article - Committees

    • Section 1 - Name and Manner of Section

    • There shall be such standing committees designated by the Executive Board, as may be required to promote the interest and purposes of the Association. They may include:

      Budget Maintenance
      1. Finance
      2. Membership
      3. Program and Socials
      4. Library and Bulletin

      Chairman shall be chosen by the elected officers of the Association to serve in the committees.
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