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Our Students Work

                            Our Students Work

 This is collection of student poetry reflects the creative work of our diverse population of students who continue their education while hospitalized.
 I am extremely grateful to our talented and dedicated teachers who provide quality instructional opportunities for our special students everyday.
 In these selections, our students express themselves and share their unique experiences with us.
            They will give you hope and inspire you and make you smile.
                        -Mary C. Maher
                         Principal, Hospital Schools District 75


        "A tree, when even stripped of the beauty
            of it's leaves from the cold, remains
         strongly rooted...persisting to be strong
        and always defiant in standing tall. In one lifetime,
         at one time or another, we will all be called
        upon to be that tree. So far, I haven't met a tree
                    that has fallen."
                                        -Angelica Gutierez

                            I Wonder

                           "Hello bed.
                     When you get tired
                    Where do you sleep?
                        And if you can't
                     Do you count sheep?
                        Are you aware
                  That you are everywhere?
                Homes, hospitals and stores
                At least one is a place where
                        No one snores.
                            Is a pillow
                        You best friend?
                          Good-bye bed.
                           This is the end!"
                                        -Prantic D. 


light shines beautifully.
            Pretty flowers bloom nicely.
            Real leaves grow.
            I bring out my spring clothes.
            Light shines everywhere.
                                        -Kevon W. T.

                Earth is My Mother

        Earth is my mother, and her clothes are 
            the river, oceans, and seas.

        Her hair is the bushes, mountains,
            and trees.
        She provides us with food from
            her body, and her soil.

        She gives us resources, wood,
            cotton, and oil.

        She keeps us hydrated from her
            clothing oceans, and her shower rain.

        And mother earth helps us live by
            giving us oxygen to keep us from the 
           atmospheric pain.
                                        -William W.                             

                 The World is yours and Mind
                    Stay away from drama, 
                Freedom of speech will calm yah 
                    don't sit down put your foot down.     
                Change your behavior, 
                    respect will save yah,     
                worry courage will strengthen your fight,     
                    Don't turn around its tough love 
                just make a frown,     
                    we should never be weak     
                its our time to shine 
                    the world is yours and mine.

                                        -Christina B.

                        Rest In Peace

           What you have put down will help us all.
           What you said will help us grow tall.
           When things were broke, 
            you always made things right.      
           When it was black versus white, 
            you was never the hype.
           Dr. King you had your dream.
           Now everybody is on your team.

                                            -John C.


                       Furry , white
                    Plays,runs, jumps
                Happy, excited, love, hugs
                                               -By Tanisha

                            -the color of sadness

              I feel sad when someone leaves
              Then my mind clears up
              And turns white
              And when I see this white
               It's dull
              All inside my skull
               I look up at the clouds
              And see images of sad creatures
              And soon the clouds disappear
              Because it's so sad.      

                                               -By Kevin B.
                           -the color of happiness

              When I think of yellow
               My mind becomes mellow
               And everytime it's yellow
               Everyone's in a happy mood
               Hugging my sister makes me happy
               And playing with my friends
               Or playing with clay
                I made this little man
               With yellow arms and yellow legs
               Whenever he touches something it becomes happy
                Whenever he walks, everything turns mellow
                But when ever he speaks
                He makes rhymes that make people sad
                Because of his white teeth.

                                                 -By Kevin B.
                        I Wonder

                        I wonder
                If a pencil could talk
                      Would it beg
                Please don't tap me, rap me,
            Sharpen me, or toss me in the air
                Oh No! Don't you dare!

                Please don't poke with me                        
                  Or break my point and
                I do not like tobe split in two
                    Would you like it
                    If I did that to you?

            So, do not scrape or squeeze me,
                    Chew or throw me       
                  Put me in a sharpener   
                        And woe me
             I'm just a pencil don't you see?
                So, please, please let me be!
                                                -By Adrian F.

            As I Watch the Street       
 As I sit in the sand, my toes feel the warm breeze.
 I pick up some sand and let it run through my fingers.   
 The warmth of it tingles my fingers like a feather.
 I stand up wanting to find starfish and shells.
 I start looking for shells, I find a conch.
 I hold it up to my ear, listening for waves.
 As I'm walking down to the water, I see a crab.
 I stop, watching it's graceful beauty as it goes
 Down the beach alongside the water's edge.
 I keep walking till the water's edge is a few inches away. 
 I slowly move my feet until the water tickles my toes.
 I look up at the sky, I see the sunset.
 It looks like a fiery, violet, red, burning flame in the sky.
 I never want it to end.

                                                -By Emily L.

            Things I'm Annoyed With

   I don't like needles.
   I don't like homework.
   I'm so tired of Room 806.
   I'm tired of this mask.
   I'm tired of not eating outside food                                    
   I'm tired of emailing my friends,
    not seeing them     
   I don't like that my dad isn't here.
    (or my brother)
   I don't like what we don't have
   a DVD player hooked up to our TV,
    in 806 (they said they would)
   It stinks that our movie player
    doesn't work.
   It stinks that we can't go to 
    American Girl or Toys R Us
   It stinks we can't go 
    to a musical.

                                                -By Emily L.

                    My Uncle

            My Uncle is my hero
    He never makes my hopes go down to zero
        He always answers whenever I call
    And when I'm about to give up he never lets me fall
        I appreciate everything he has done for me
      My uncle shows and tells me how life should be
            His advice is great and true
           It's always the right thing to do
           I hope I can be like him one day
        And helppeople out when the sky is gray
            He is a great role model
    And has been there for me since I drank out of the bottle
        I wrote this poem to thank him from me
        He is the best uncle there could ever be!

                                                -By Daniel S.

            Yankees Vs White Sox

        The Yankees game was so much fun
            I wish the game was never done
                    Hits here hits there
                Balls flying everywhere
        Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Stand up and watch as the White Sox really get Beat
                Jeter hit a first inning home run
    And now his non home run streak is finally done
     A-Rod hit a home and the crowd went cheering
It was so loud I thought I was going tolose my hearing
        There were two or three great double plays
    They awarded the great Yankee legend Willie Mays
                     We even got lots of things
        We got these cool gold championship rings
            A true fan that's what you have to be
    I don't think the yankees have a better fan than me
                    The Yankees won six to four
                I hope they could win even more!

                                                -By Daniel S. 

            A Walk Through Wilderness

                The sound of a hawk
                piercing onto a branch
                high above. The sound of a
                sad cry from a small
                bird. The sound of a monkey
                trying to balance on
                the tree tops. The sound of
                the peaceful wind swaying
                in and out of the trees.
                The sound of the water washing
                down from the rocks up above.
                The sound of night falling
                over the forest and the quietness
                after all the animals have gone
                to sleep. And finally the sound
                of our foot steps trudging
                through the mud and the
                crackling of leaves as we 

                                                -By Chloe

            Stand Together and Forgive   

                *Brotherhood is working together
                I want adventure forever

                There is no comedy
                In my life
                There is action
                There is music
                There is drama
                There is fama

                This is family, mama!

                I am angry when
                I'm told what todo
                That makes two (of us)

                I fight and feel better and then
                Forgive with a sorry
                I write a letter
                And I won't fight you ever
                But our legacy will stand forever
                (with or without Cheerios)

                                          - By Qadri, Terrell, Isaris, Kiera

                    A Poem

I would like to write a poem about pyramids and pharoh
I would like towrite a poem about Bob Marley and the mighty sparrow
I would like to write a poem that makes sad people laugh
I would like to write a poem that would make birds sing in their bath
I would like to write a poem that unites the diverse
I would like to write a poem that can save the universe
But for now I'm going to write a poem...

                                                -By Tashmaya
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