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PA Meetings - Minutes: Jan., March, April 2010

P10X – Parent Association

P10X@304, 2750 Lafayette Ave, Bronx NY 10465

MINUTES of P10X – Parent Association


Meeting date: January 19th, 2010

Call to order:
A monthly meeting of the Parent Association, was held in P10X@304, Bronx, NY on January 19th, 2010
. The meeting convened at 930am, Co-President Andrea Daniels presiding, and Evelyn O’Neill-Brown, Vice-President.

Executive Members in attendance: Andrea Daniels, Evelyn O’Neill-Brown, Nina DeNardo, Dru Ramdin

Introduction of all attendees: Open discussion on what services Parents need for their children and how to obtain these services.  Introduction of Presenter Nicholas Colon from Gateway Counseling Center.

New business:

Discussion:   Nicholas Colon reviewed the services that is available and also crisis intervention programs.  Discussion on Rest Hab at present mostly for adults with his agency.  Discussion on MSC (Medicaid Service Coordination) services which is available for children and his ability to assist families to obtain the Medicaid waiver.  Most if not all services available through OMRDD is waiver based. Discussion on what a good MSC is and what their responsibilities are.  It is important to have a great relationship with MSC if not then the Parent needs to change the MSC. Discussion on OMRDD – March Family Support Conference exhibition, Districit 75 Fair – great places for parents to meet agencies and get more information on services.

Discussion on other agencies such as the Social Action Program which offers Afterschool Program and Day Program – parents can contact the supervisor at 718 654 1815.

Discussion brought up by parent on a afterschool program at P10X@304, Ms Hamilton stated that this could be discussed at the SLT meeting as there was a potential in the past and it failed.  If there was an available agency willing to come in and take the responsibility of the afterschool program – it would be great.  Nicholas Colon from Gateway stated that this could be a possibility from his agency, shall discuss it at a meeting this Thursday at Gateway and give us feedback on their response.

Ms Hamilton shared with PA the Hotline number for MSC-Agencies.  Any family having problems with their MSC should call 718 430 0863.

Nicholas Colon completed some intake forms with parents and shall followup with them at their home to complete the rest of the paperwork.


PA Meeting Minutes

March 23rd, 2010

 Meeting called to order @ 9.30am by Andrea Daniels

 Introduction of PA members (Andrea Daniels- Co President, Evelyn O'Neill-Brown-Vice President, Nina DeNardo- Secretary and Dropadi Ramdin-Treasurer and parents ( Kathyrn Vogel and Beatrice Nieves)

 Presenter:  Adrienne J. Arkontaky, Esq.   (Attorney from Littman Krooks LLP),  Three offices NYC,  Fishkill and White Plains

Tel:  212 490 2020, 845 896 1106 and 914 684 2100, www.littmankrook.com , email is aarkontaky@littmanrooks.com

 Adrienne practice focuses exclusively on special needs planning, special education advocacy and guardianship for families of children with disabilities.  She is a mother of three children, one with special needs.

Main focus of the presentations was discussion on Special Education Law 101,  No Child Left Behind, The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and Developing an Effective IEP.

  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB) was enacted as a response to the fact that millions of children were leaving school without the basic skills they need to achieve academic success.
  • She review Special Education Law, Due Process Hearings and Parent Advocates.
  • Informed Parents on the IEP process and the IDEA laws. 
  • Overview of IDEA – The individuals With Disabilities Education Act requires states that accept IDEA funds to provide a Free Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) to all children with disabilities in the State.
  • Definition of a “child with a disability” is a child with mental retardation, hearing impairments (including deafness), speech or language impairments, serious emotional disturbance, orthopedic impairments, autism, traumatic brain injury, other health impairments or specific learning disabilities. 
  • Discussed the important for all parents to review from the NY State Part 200 of the Regulations of the Commissioner (NY State of Education website) - is the bible on education for parents. 200.13 from the "bible"  addresses Autism. Part 201 – kids with academic/behavior issues.
  • http://www.vesid.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/lawsandregs/coverpage.htm

  • http://www.vesid.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/lawsandregs/200contents.htm
  • http://www.vesid.nysed.gov/specialed/publications/lawsandregs/sect20013.htm
  •  Reviewed the 504 plan - a civil rights law. Includes testing time, peanut free environment, and service dog.
  • When Laws are established at Federal level  and then established as NY State laws, these laws cannot be more restrictive than Federal law.  Parent needs to be enlightened on the laws and understand what in their child’s life causes them not to get the education – template for creating the IEP.
  • IDEA is based on the behavior, academic, social and emotional level of the child – must be individualized
  • Goals on the IEP must be individualized and measurable.  Before changes / recommendation on IEP can occurred Parent must be informed and evaluations must be completed.  Parents have the right to review evaluations before the IEP meeting
  • Rules of Evident / 5 days before Due Process ( Sharing of information)
  • Parent must look at IEP (legal document) evaluate if goals are met/not met, if there is too many, or too little.  CSE chair must agree or disagree with the goals.  Parent rep must be present at the IEP. Parent should bring a friend/family with them for support.
  • Right to Recourse – Denial of FAPE without parents input.
  • The main focus of the IEP, and special education is preparing the child for life after High School. -  Goals need to focus on that!
  • When working with the district/CSE chairperson when a problem occurs.  All information and correspondence must be documented – letters.  Parent needs to start at local level –school and local district (what can be done to fit it).  Parents can obtain an independent evaluation which the District must look at these evaluations.  District has a Resolution period of 15 days of receiving the notice of the parent’s complaint.  If the compliant is not resolved to the satisfaction of the parent with 30 days of the receipt of the complaint, the due process hearing can occur. 
  • District has the burden of proof not the parent except for the reimbursement for private schools then the parent has the burden of proof.

Open floor discussion on  experience with the Board of Education and the goals for our children.  Strategies for Advocating for an appropriate education include
·         know the law
·         Ensure goals are comprehensive, specific and measurable
·         Have independent evidence that supports your position
·         Do not rush through the CSE meeting
·         Document, use logs, calendars and journals
·         Create a paper trail, follow up with meetings with a letter
·         Remember if not in writing it was not said
·         Form a strategic alliance with a parent representative
·         Review documentation before meeting
·         Request records and organize in chronological order
·         You must build a case and prepare for the fact that you may have to request a hearing to resolve an issue – be prepared.

 Realize that change does not happen immediately but by self-empowermet, you will empower your children.


PA Meeting Minutes

April 20th, 2010

 Meeting called to order @ 9.30am by Evelyn O’Neill-Brown

 Introduction of PA members (Andrea Daniels- Co President, Evelyn O'Neill-Brown-Vice President, Nina DeNardo- Secretary and Dropadi Ramdin-Treasurer and parents (Millicent Bowers, Rosaydas Sanchez and Beatrice Nieves)

 Presenter:  Clara Rivera (Intake Coordinator) – MercyDrive Inc.  120-34 Queens Blvd, Suite 210 Kew Gardens  NY  11415  Tel 718 725 9894  fax 718 793 1075

Email: mercydriveinc@AOL.com   mercydriveQA@AOL.com

 Ms Rivera is the intake coordinator for MercyDrive Inc.,   which is a multilingual/multicultural Medicaid Service Coordination Vendor (OMRDD/DOH).  Medical Service Coordination (MSC) is a central point from which services are identified, accessed and coordinated.  MSC assists consumers in gaining access to necessary Family support services such as:

  • Case management
  • Transition services
  • Day programs, residential services
  • Vocational services
  • Clinical maker
  • Summer camp
  • Transporation
  • Assistive technology
  • Family reimbursement
  • Crisis intervention
  • Diaper cooperation
  • Housing advocacy

 MercyDrive  Inc.  offers the service that fosters independence, individuality, inclusion and productivity within the home and community, services to improve quality of life.

  • Discussed Medicaid verses non-medicaid services
  • MSC’s  role is to evaluate what is needed and find the suitable resources and/or activities to meet the families needs.
  • Mercy Drive Inc.  has consumers from age 3 and above
  • Eligibility criteria must be meet such as up-to-date  evaluations, Medicaid or Medicaid waiver.  Agency will assist families to obtain the waiver program. IQ less than 70 and low range of adaptive skills.
  • Monthly visits from MSC
  • Respite Services (416 hours annually – 8 hours per week)
  • 30 – 90 days time frame for approval of application (for MSC) to State for services.  Agency has received approval usually about a month to 6 weeks.
  • Agency provides crisis intervention for families having difficulties handling children at home – they will re-evaluate the situation  
  •  Open discussion  on services that parents need or had experience with.  Ms Rivera was able to openly discuss what the Agency had to offer to address the individual needs of the parents at the meeting.
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