Welcome to PS 71

Welcome to PS 71

The Rose E. Scala School


The Preparatory Academy at 71

We are a K-8 school located in the Pelham Bay area of the Bronx. 
Contact us at 08x071@schools.nyc.gov

We are committed to ensuring our students have the opportunity to have their talents nurtured, their experiences broadened and their minds challenged.

A priority for our school is to implement 
the 3Cs in achieving our goals:

Challenge students through:

Quality instruction
Common Core Learning Standards
Rigorous Standards Based Work
Next steps

Commit to a professional learning community by:

Being open to innovation
Celebrating, sharing, and implementing best practices
Setting goals for ourselves and students
Utilizing supports in place throughout the building

Create an enviornment with a...

Safe and nurturing environment for success
Supportive community
Love of learning

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