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The Edward R. Byrne School, also known as the Maritime Academy, has as its mission to provide the highest quality of instruction for all students and prepare them to exceed the standards set forth by the City and State of New York. We believe that all children should be active participants in the learning process. We believe that children will succeed in an atmosphere that is motivating and conducive to learning; where the staff supports and encourages students to take risks and learn by doing; where the community believes in the value of our efforts, and supports our school activities and endeavors. We believe in educating the whole child through compassion, understanding, mediation and the teaching of values that will lead to a future of active, informed and productive citizens. Our parents are our educational partners, working with us in all aspects of school life.
Our academic program includes nationally validated standards-based curricula which are research based and proven successful throughout the nation. Our math programs, Connected Math and Cognitive Tutor, are two of the top five math programs designated by the U.S. Dept. of Education. Our teachers follow best practices for teaching all subjects.
We believe that our students are academically successful because we provide programs and activities which promote readiness to learn, as well as social and emotional maturity. Some programs include: Sports, tutoring, band, journalism, step teams, boys/ girls basketball, chess, technology, video, drama/ talent shows, and academic Olympics.
Our students have had the support of the community through invitations to visit federal/state/city agencies to learn about various careers. Colleges and science institutions provide opportunities to further students' experiences. Contests held by the district, borough and city have provided scholarships and awards in all subject areas.
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