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At Public School 107, we are dedicated to educating the mind and nurturing the spirit of each child. We emphasize "learning by doing", and no-fault problem solving among staff, students and parents. We strive to implement a rigorous instructional program that recognizes each child's unique learning style. We recognize and respect the importance of building bridges between the school, home and the community.

We will continuously collaborate on important issues, which will impact the successful achievement of students' academic and social goals, to help foster a respectful partnership with parents and the wider community.

We are aligned with New york State Learning Standards on each grade level. We will consistently look at student data, in an effort to meet all targeted benchmarks. We will strive to implement a rigorous and diverse curriculum, which recognizes the child's need for differentiated instruction.

We encourage children to learn to make the right choices in order to be successful, well-rounded, lifelong learners. Through a process of continuous improvement and collaboratIon, we will reflect on current practices and make changes where necessary to accommodate the needs of all learners to successfully reach the potential.

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