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Luisa Dessus Cruz graduates will be independent and inquisitive young people on the path to being life-long learners and doers.  We are an empowering and nurturing school community of diverse and collaborative members dedicated to achieve high standards of excellence for all of our students.  As we enter into the demands of the 21st century, the teachers are readying students to creatively and critically think, become self-disciplined, and develop social responsibility through high quality driven instruction in all areas.

We will continuously develop rigorous scholastic programs and enrichment programs that address their developmental progress from child to adolescent in order to function in the world community.


Luisa Dessus Cruz is dedicated to the academic and personal development of students who will become tomorrow’s leaders in the fields of mathematics, science, technology, and social service with the support and respect of the school community. In an atmosphere like that of a family, both caring and firm, students are challenged to question, anticipate, problem-solve, effectively communicate, assume personal responsibility to build strong character and emerge as enthusiastic life-long learners and independent thinkers motivated by the pursuit of academic excellence and social responsibility. The school’s instructional program is designed to provide our students with the knowledge base, attitudes and competencies they need to pursue higher learning.

The following instructional activities are utilized to enhance academic achievement at M.S. 302: Balanced Literacy, Small group instruction, 90 Minutes Mathematics blocks, and Homebase8 Technology Initiative.
In addition to the numerous clubs operated by the afterschool program, the students at M.S. 302 have the opportunity of participating in the New York Knicks Healthy Lifestyle Clinic, the Junior Player Development program funded by the National Football League, and a girls and boys basketball team.
The Luisa Dessus Cruz school collaborates with the Episcopal Social Services, Columbia University, El Museum del Barrio, the New York Knicks, and the National Football League.
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