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At the Basheer Qusim School (CES 53X) children are exposed to a positive learning environment on a continual basis. Our goal is to have all children attain at or above grade level proficiency in reading, mathematics, and in all other subjects. We are proud to say that our school is a place where children feel safe, and can build positive self-esteem through achievement, cultural pride, and self-actualization. We have a strong partnership with parents as evidenced by their active participation in the life of our school. We will remain steadfast in our commitment to provide the best quality education for our students, so that they may lead productive lives in the world in which they live. Our professional staff will also engage in self-renewal through constant study, training; and by sustaining a firm conviction towards good work ethic and sound professional conduct.
Our special academic programs are all geared at enhancing the outcomes of low performing students, while sustaining the growth of high achievers. These initiatives include: Saturday Academies, extended day tutorials, and enrichment activities such as learning through the arts.
Our school's extracurricular activities include: Chess, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading teams, soccer and dance. We also have a strong Boys' Scout troop in place. Soon, we will embark on a "Shakespeare Initiative", as well as a school band and chorus. These do play a pivotal role in enriching the lives of our children.
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