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Our Mission is to provide an optimum learning environment for all students by making a committment to:

* small group instruction
* targeted differentiated instruction for at -risk students
*provide quality differentiated instruction for all learners

EDUCATION IS THE SAFEST INVESTMENT FOR THE FUTURE. The Author's Academy is dedicated to establishing a school community in which all of its members learn and teach in a spirit of collaboration and cooperation. 
We cherish our diversity and strive to nurture tolerance, self-respect, and respect for others. In our quest to create and foster a school of winners, we encourage our students, parents, and staff to become active and productive learners.
Through the extensive coordination of our efforts, through focused-literacy in all subject areas, through a strong focus on mathematics and science; through enrichment in music, dance, and visual arts, our students will be prepared to meet and exceed city and state standards.
We embrace the support of our wider communities and invite them to help us enrich our educational experiences.
Activities include: Zero period: Chess club, mathematics club, computer club, homework help, science club, reading room, after-school programs; The Chancellor's Gardening Initiative; The school newspaper--"Snapshots", the parent newsletter--"Reaching Out".
Partnerships include: Americorp Volunteers, Parent Volunteers (Learning Leaders); N.Y. Public Library; The Dance Theatre of Harlem; The Bronx Arts Ensemble.
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