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The mission of Community Elementary School 109 is to continue the development of a learning school-community. To do this we create an environment that: holds education as an integral part of its culture and its value system - an EDUCATIONAL ETHIC; ensures that children feel safe, nurtured, and successful; ensures that students are successful by continuing with the comprehensive literacy program, stressing reading, writing, and integration of all content areas, including the arts; enables all members to work with a sense of shared goals, working toward meeting and exceeding the Performance Standards, N.Y. SED's Learning Standards and the Chancellors Initiatives which address the standards; allows learning to continuously take place not only for the children, but for staff members as well, with on-going staff development that will address the implementation of the Performance Standards and SED's Learning Standards.
The school's academic program highlights a Comprehensive Literacy Block (over 2 hours) in Grades K-5 where students develop communication art skills with an emphasis on writing; a Mathematics Block (90 minutes) which includes hands-on learning with an emphasis on problem-solving skills; and a Literacy through the Arts Program.

An Extended Day Program for students in grades 3-5 provides additional support for our studentin literacy, mathematics, ESL, and Spanish Native Language Arts. In addition in collaboration with Community Based Organizations and "Out of School Grants," we provide arts enrichment programs to our students after school and on Saturdays.

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