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Principal's Corner

Recently, I met with first and second year teachers at I.S. 229 to discuss their successes and learning experiences in the 2004-2005 school year. Summarized below are their reflections:

Fletcher, G

  • Ms. Hood, was an excellent mentor. She assisted with management issues including rules and standards.
  • Gave assignments that required deductive reasoning. Nature of tasks inspired and motivated students to complete assigned tasks.
  • One issue I had were grade 6 and 7 students illegally invading the art studio. Their frequent invasion disrupted lessons and destabilized classes.
  • Communication must be improved among teachers, clerical staff, and supervisors. When students' classes are changed/classes go on trips the information should be disseminated systematically.
  • Back to back grade 5 classes is excessive and tiring.

Davis, J

  • Ms. Hood was a wonderful mentor and provided lots of feed back and support.
  • Ms. Pizarro was very supportive and sympathetic to issues I had with classroom management and with the curriculum.
  • Simple housekeeping matters were not done on a timely basis. This shortfall could be resolved by improving organizational communication. Action steps that were presented: set up an email system to communicate with staff on a timely basis; set up a committee to organize and manage the email communication system.
  • I gained a lot from interacting with many teachers in the Explorers Academy. They are a great model for new teachers.

Mallett, L

  • My positive year was a direct result of the location of my class. An experienced and strong teacher taught adjacent to my classroom.
  • Set up new workshops for new staff
  • My students were inadequately programmed for science and the science lab.
  • Establish more rituals, namely, assemblies and events to honor most improved students

Butt, K

  • Overall, the year was positive.
  • Explorers' senior staff provided exemplary mentorship. Their assistance is responsible for my transition to being a successful grade 5 teacher
  • The furniture was extremely poor. It made the job difficult.
  • Student access to computers was unreliable and haphazard
  • Post lunch periods were chaotic. Students are restless and noisy. Teaching is impossible.
  • Establish more intramural sporting events.

Holland, M

  • Played an overt quasi dean role. Role is the reason "I was recruited to be on the detention team."
  • Moving to class from one academy to the next is time consuming. It resulted in lateness and loss of instructional time.
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