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Our Mission

Our school's mission is to provide students with an excellent education rooted in the concepts of leadership, community action, and social justice. A focus on excellence helps youth set high expectations and achieve them. A focus on leadership prepares youth to take charge of their lives, and be active, engaged participants in their communities. An emphasis on community action encourages youth to take action to bring about significant change collectively and cooperatively. A focus on social justice helps students clarify their values and understand their rights and responsibilities in a democratic society.

We believe that students learn best when:
. their learning is hands-on and is connected to real life experiences;
. they have a sense of community in their school;
. they feel a sense of accountability both to themselves and to the school community;
. they have ownership of their school;
. they learn in an equitable setting, where differences are acknowledged;
. they have the tools, resources, and support that are necessary for a proper education; and
. all school activities are designed to immerse students in a learning environment that is intellectually curious and nurturing to the needs of adolescents.

By the time students graduate from the Leadership Institute they will:
. Read and understand age-appropriate literary, scientific, and historical works of fiction and non-fiction literature;
. Have a strong foundation of content knowledge in the disciplines of mathematics, science and the natural environment, history, government, geography, philosophy, health;
. Exhibit the ability to construct an analysis based on the synthesis of information;
. Use technology resources for solving problems and making informed decisions;
. Understand different models of shared leadership, develop their own leadership style, and put it to use wherever they go;
. Understand community organizing and demonstrate skills in community outreach, identifying issues, public speaking, running meetings and campaigns, and understanding politics and power;
. Know and apply elements of art forms, principles, and sensory, auditory, and expressive features of art forms;
. Understand the value and relationship between life-long exercise, fitness and well-being;
. Understand the world in which they live, and be able to address problems locally and globally to protect their rights and the rights of others.
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