October 2010 Events Posted

Principal's Corner
October 2010

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are well underway with our new academic year, and I am happy to report that things are very peaceful and productive at Urban Science. In part, this is due to the fact that our faculty has grown in experience and the school is maturing. We are also strengthened by the level of professionalism and hard work shown by our staff, many of whom demonstrated this by attending Professional Development sessions two weeks prior to school’s opening; we’ve had teachers at work since August 23rd and this pays off.

Our good start is also due to the cooperative supervision of our parents and guardians in supporting their children’s daily reading. Our students have had  great success in accomplishing their at-home and in-school independent reading, and there is no more important indicator for on-going and future academic success. The average student who reads for an hour a day will read over four million words over the course of a year.    

If your child reads for an hour a day, they will gain ease of reading by developing fluency. Their
vocabulary will grow, making them more powerful thinkers and communicators. Their ability to write will be stronger, and their ability to pursue higher education will be secured.  

Students who are successful read, and they read a lot.

Thank you for seeing to it that your child reads for an hour daily, and that you support them by signing their Reading Logs.


Patrick F. Kelly

Parent Coordinator Update
October 2010

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to a new school year. I hope you had a terrific vacation and all of your loved ones are well.

By the time you read this, the parents and guardians of our school will have elected a new Parent Association. Our officers are automatically members of our School Leadership Team (SLT).

The SLT is a critical organization for the school. It is made up of administrators, teachers, parents and guardians, and serves a number of purposes in its monthly meetings. First and most importantly, it assists the Principal in reviewing the overall school program, and helps identify needs and recommends actions to meet them.

Parents and guardians who are interested in this organization should contact me at: 718.588.8221 x 1460 or 347.628.2055 for further information.


Mr. Gratereaux
Parent Coordinator