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Rules and Regulations

The page that lists Students’ and Parents’ Responsibilities will give you an outline of the high standard of behavior that we expect from your child. In addition, we have the following specific rules that must be obeyed. Please read these rules with your child and discuss them. We made these rules to make HSVD a better school and we expect all students to follow them willingly.

  1. Electronics: Cellphones, beepers, portable CD or tape players, hand held game systems are NOT allowed in the Morris High School building. Leave them at home.
  1. Food: No eating is allowed in school outside of the cafeteria! Gum chewing is never allowed anywhere in the school building. Only water bottles are allowed in class.  No other drinks are permitted outside the cafeteria.
  1. Bathrooms: Students may use bathrooms before the first class, during class changes, during lunch, and after the last class. Bathroom passes during class time will only be given in an emergency.
  1. Language: Students will practice speaking respectfully and courteously at all times. Obscene language and any kind of abusive name-calling have no place in HSVD and will NOT be tolerated.
  1. Fights: There will be NO FIGHTING – physical or verbal.


There will be appropriate disciplinary action for any violation of these rules. Parents will be called when a student violates a school rule and informed of the consequences to the student. 

School Uniform:

The school uniform is required and we expect parents to support this policy. HSVD polo shirts are purchased at the school for $15. The shirts are available in navy blue or white. They must be worn with khaki or black pants or skirts. Jeans are NOT permitted. Skirts may not be shorter than 2 inches above the knee.