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Our School Mission is to… Immerse children in interactive, explorative, research-based learning. Provide teachers with the necessary professional development, support and planning time to design curricula and instructional approaches, which nurture the intelligences to achieve educational standards. Promote self-esteem in every individual by recognizing that each child is gifted and talented. Create a community where all adults (school, staff, parents and visitors) provide positive role models for our children: displaying attitudes of mutual respect, believing that self-esteem is a vital component for excelling academically and socially. Provide workshops and activities that will engage parents and guardians in educational experiences that enrich, assess, and expand upon children's academic and social lives.
Our staff development initiatives continue to support the classroom integration of applied learning skills. The Arts are an integral part of our instructional program, supported by partnerships made possible through Project Arts Funding.
Extracurricular activities include technology, art, basketball, chess, drama, dance, and musical instrument instruction as well as reading and mathematics extended day activities.
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