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Our Vision

P.S.81, The Robert J. Christen School is a school of excellence.  Our vision is to maintain a safe and nurturing child-centered learning atmosphere. 

We focus on implementing educational programs that promote high standards, a love of learning and contribute to growth and social development of our children.
We treat children as individuals and provide every child with a supportive and appropriately challenging learning environment.

We celebrate our cultural and ethnic diversity and strive to create an atmosphere of tolerance that will be the foundation for our children’s lives.  Our educational program prepares our children to be productive, literate members of their community and our democratic society.

Our educational program will:

  • Engage and involve parents in the life of the school
  • Collaborate with organizations that provide enrichment opportunities across the subject areas.
  • Foster tolerance, respect, and celebrate diversity
  • Assist students in becoming independent learners and thinkers
  • Promote positive values that will generate respect, civic pride and a sense of community
  • Immerse children in reading a variety of genre for the purpose of making connections, formulating questions, making interpretations and reading critically
  • Utilize the writing process to write freely and creative, across genre and write for the purpose of research, writing to prompts and responding to literature
  • Support aesthetic appreciation by ensuring music and art are an integral part of the curriculum
  • Focus on the development of mathematical concepts, processes and problem solving
  • Utilize scientific inquiry and research as the basis/method of scientific instruction
  • Study about neighborhoods, communities, history, geography, government, economics, culture and current events as a way to better understand the world in which we live
  • Use technology to compliment the curriculum
  • Provide intervention services to struggling students
  • Encourage health and fitness
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