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Professional Learning

Teachers in each academy will participate in professional development provided by our in-house professional development team and supported by contracted consultants and Network Team members. The professional development team will be responsible for the development and implementation of a school-wide professional development plan. The team will meet weekly and will be comprised of the principal, assistant principals, coaches, assessment coordinators, lead teachers, and health coordinators. Additional staff members will be invited to participate from time to time when relevant.

 Coaches:  A literacy coach will serve grades K-2 and a literacy coach will serve grades 3-5; A math coach will serve grades K-2 and a Math coach will serve grades 3-5 and will support teachers in all academies. Coaches will be assigned as needed to support identified teachers and groups of teachers. Assistant principals will meet with the coaches and develop a coaching plan for each teacher in the academy for the week of their assignment. Two days per week, a science coach will work with teachers, as we strive to meet the goals of the New York City/ State Science initiative. A curriculum coach will work with teachers and the professional development team to support our development of standards based quality curriculum units.

            Additionally, coaches will be responsible to organize and facilitate monthly grade meetings and assist with monthly academy meetings based on the needs identified in Professional Development Team meetings.

 Assessment Coordinators: To support teachers in their efforts to utilize assessments as the basis for planning appropriate instruction. P.S. 85 will have three assessment coordinators ( Grades K-2, Grades 3-5 and a testing coordinator) who will support teachers in conducting assessments, in analyzing assessment results, looking at students work and insuring compliance with all mandated NYS and DOE  assessments and periodic testing.

To support the efforts of each academy, the Assessment Coordinators will be assigned one day a week to work within each academy. This team effort will allow for focus and consistency to support the work of each academy.

One day per week the assessment coordinators will participate in school wide efforts to align professional development with instructional initiatives. This will include participation in the school’s Professional Development team, Instructional Support Advisory Team, Student Intervention Team, Data Inquiry Team and grade meeting when appropriate.

Each assessment coordinator will additionally be assigned to an academy during lunch periods in an effort to facilitate their awareness of all children as a “total child”.

 Lead Teachers:  In compliance with the UFT contract; teachers will serve in the role of part-time classroom teacher and part-time staff developer, teaching three classroom periods per day with the balance of their day in supporting collegial professional learning. During the 2009-2010 school year the focus of this “lab site” will be imbedding the use of periodic and other assessments into instructional practice.     

New Teacher Support: All first year teachers will be assigned a “Buddy Teacher”. Buddy Teachers provide informal support systems for teachers and serve as “significant friends” or “turn-to” people for information and direction. Professional development and support will be provided for the experienced teachers who serve as “buddy teachers” by the mentor teacher and the coaches.

Additionally, all new teachers will be provided with a mentor teacher. The mentor program will comply with DOE/UFT contractual requirements and will serve as a formal mechanism to assist teachers during their first year at P.S. 85. Mentoring for new teachers will include workshops, advisory sessions, classroom visitations and inter-visitations, planning and study groups.


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