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Pace Academy Overview

Trying to choose where to send your child for Middle School is not an easy decision. In fact, it might be one of the most important decisions you will ever make on behalf of your child.

Experts agree that the life-long study habits learned during the middle school years are the very skills necessary for success later in life. You want a superior school that is safe, where the teachers are dedicated, hard-working, and passionate about your child's accomplishments, and has a proven, time-tested track record of achievement.

Since 1982 the PACE ACADEMY has attracted, educated, and graduated thousands of New York City's best and most ambitious students. Our graduates have gone on to attend New York most select public and private high schools and our nation's most prestigious and esteemed colleges and universities. Our alumni have established themselves in the fields of Science, the Law, Business, Education, Technology, Public Service, and Medicine. Many have said that their PACE ACADEMY education was their launching pad to success. The PACE ACADEMY offers your child a rigorous, demanding education that is absolutely second to none.


The PACE ACADEMY proffers an enriched, challenging and accelerated three year course of study for the college bound student. Students receive intensive instruction in mathematics, science and technology, as well as a broad experience in the humanities, including literature, history, drama, and music.

A warm and supportive family atmosphere, designed to nurture and encourage, is an essential part of everything that we do. Our students enjoy the benefits of individualized attention, intensive guidance, and an established, caring, and enthusiastic teachers. The PACE ACADEMY takes great pride in the vast accomplishments of our many students and graduates.

We invite you to apply and have your child be part of our large, growing, and very special family.


The PACE ACADEMY is an "Honors" Program open to select elementary school students (5th and 6th grade) throughout District 10. Students are chosen on the basis of interest, elementary school records, and standardized test scores, interviews, and recommendations from teachers, guidance counselors, and administrators. In addition, students must have an excellent record of attendance, punctuality and behavior. YOU MUST LIVE IN DISTRICT 10 IN ORDER TO APPLY!

In general, PACE ACADEMY students score in the high third or fourth level on standardized math and reading tests.

Enrolling your son or daughter in the PACE ACADEMY is an investment in their future, one that will pay dividends in high school, college, and career. If you would like your child to apply, have them request an application from their teacher or Guidance Counselor. Return the completed application to their teacher. If you would like further information, or if you would like to arrange a visit, please call Mr. Kurtz at 718 584-2568.


- Mini-school within M.S. 118X
- Team clusters within each grade
- 6th grade interconnected classrooms
- A family atmosphere of caring and success
- A proven tradition of academic excellence
- Enrichment in all subject areas
- Coaching for high school entrance exams
- Intensive and individual high school selection counseling
- Opportunity to take high school regents exams while in 8th grade
- Developmentally responsive to students ages 10-14
- Educational continuity across the grades
- Direct phone, fax, and Email contact with the PACE ACADEMY office
- State of the art computer facilities
- National Championship winning Chess Team
- Environmental Awareness Program at Manice Education in Massachusetts


Boston College
Brown University
Syracuse University
Columbia University
Temple University
Duke University
Tufts University
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
University of Michigan
Georgetown University
University of Pennsylvania
Morehouse College
University of Rochester
New York University
University of Virginia
Northwestern University
Wesleyan University
Oberlin College
Yale University
Penn State University
...and many, many more
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