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Academy Of Excellence Overview

A new 8th grade program, R.A.I.S.E. prides itself upon respect, achievement, inspiration, success, and excellence. Through a teaming approach, dedicated teachers have created a learning environment that "raises" expectations for challenging and at- risk students.

Consistency among team members and their affirmation that high levels of task-related effort promote positive outcomes set the foundation for goal setting: academic success, self respect, and respect for community. To achieve these goals, teachers meet with students, whether individually or in small groups to discuss behavior modification plans or implement tutorials. They also confer weekly with administrators, deans, guidance counselor, SBST, parent coordinator, and parents in order to discuss student progress. In addition, a subcommittee entitled "Save A Generation," a partnership with the East Tremont community, has created an action plan that includes career opportunities for all students, a mentoring program for "at risk" students, a community hotline, and a link with local businesses.
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