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Special Programs

Middle School Honors Program
Incoming students are offered the opportunity to apply to the Honors Program.  Honors students have the opportunity to take Regents Exams and earn high school credits before leaving middle school.  Our current 8th grade honors students will be taking the Earth Science and Integrated Algebra exams.

High School Community Service
Encouraging students to develop as responsible citizens and active members of our community is part of the mission of RKA.  As such, starting in the 9th grade and throughout high school, students will participate in individual, pre-approved volunteer service jobs.  Each student is expected to complete a total of forty hours of community service by graduation.  This committment is separate and apart from Honor Society requirements, and must be completed by the first week of June.  Failure to complete this requirement may result in loss of senior privileges.

Honor Societies
Students who show both academic excellence and a committment to service are eligible to join the National Junior Honor Society (grades 7-9) and National Honor Society (grades 10-12) each year.  In particular, students must:

*  Achieve a minimum 85% GPA overall in a given semester.
*  Complete the service requirement of ten hours of approved community service activities by the thrid week in May.  This is separate from the community service hours required by RKA.
*  Have satisfactory conduct in all subjects and during any community service activities in keeping with the "service, leadership and character" motto.
*  Be recommended by the Faculty Council.

An induction ceremony takes place in early June for students who complete the Honor Society requirements.  Also, eligible members may sign up for various day trips scheduled throughout the school year.

Advanced Placement Program
All students at Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy who elect to enroll in Advanced Placement courses must sit for the requisite AP Exam as a condition of enrollment.  Students who are enrolled in an AP course, but fail to sit for the AP Examination, will not receive AP designation for the course on their high school transcript.

At this time, students may receive Advanced Placement credit for college on the basis of the following examinations:
*  Calculus
*  Living Environment
*  English Language and Composition
*  Spanish Language and Composition
*  Spanish Literature and Composition
*  US History
*  World History
*  Studio Art

All students who enroll in an Advanced Placement class must participate in a week-long AP Summer Institute which will culminate in a project or paper.

Advanced Placement classes are a committment and should be treated as such.  Students who commit to an Advanced Placement course will not be allowed to drop that class once the term begins.  All AP courses are contingent upon the number of enrolled students.

College Now
College Now is a free program designed to prepare new York City's public high school students for the next big thing -- college.

Through classes at local CUNY colleges, College Now offers eligible students a number of ways to improve their high school performance and get a jump start on college.  College Now offers academic opportunities, campus-based tours and cultural events such as theater and dance performances, and scholarship offers.

In September, 2005, the United States Department of Education awarded The Bronx Institute a highly competitive GEAR UP (Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs) grant totaling $16,315,200 over the six-year funding period (2005-2011) with $2,719,200 per year. The Bronx Institute at Lehman College of the City University of New York has chosen RKA to be part of this recently-acquired federally-funded GEAR UP grant. This grant has been established to provide services to ensure that our seventh-grade class of 2005-2006, and will follow them until they are successful high school graduates in 2011, ready to enter a wide range of colleges and universities that Fall.

In accordance with the grant, we will be offering school site activities and programs in science, math, technology, career awareness, and college awareness. Students demonstrating a high level of school success will have opportunities for international summer travel and to attend summer residential programs at some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Students and their families will be offered a series of ongoing college awareness and planning workshops.

The Bronx Institute GEAR UP Network overall objectives are as follows:

· Objective 1: to increase student achievement and preparation for college.

· Objective 2: to increase students’ and families’ knowledge of postsecondary education.

· Objective 3: to enhance teachers’ knowledge and skills, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics.

· Objective 4: to extend students’ access to technology in support of their classroom instruction.

Our GEAR UP cohort is currently in the 9th grade (2007-2008 school year).

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