Code of Behavior

RKA Code of Behavior

    All students are expected to follow the rules and regulations of the school with the guiding principles being safety and respect for learning.  The "Citywide Standards of Conduct and Uniform Disciplinary Measures (The Discipline Code)" are given to you at the beginning of the year.  Here are some of the most important points from the Discipline Code:

*  Using inappropriate language is not permitted.

*  Fighting in school or within the vicinity of school will result in a suspension.

*  Any student involved in stealing, vandalizing, or defacing property on school grounds will assume the cost of financial restitution and will face suspension and possible arrest.

*  Any student involved in setting off a false alarm will be prosecuted by the Fire Marshall and face suspension and possible arrest.

*  Smoking is prohibited on school grounds.  Lighters and matches may not be brought to school.

*  Cell phones, beepers, CD players, and other electronic devices are disruptive to the educational process, and these prohibited items may NOT be brought into the school building.

*  No drugs or illegal objects may be brought to or used anywhere on school grounds.  Students will be suspended and/or arrested for such behavior.

    While RKA itself has no metal detectors or scanners, there may be a time(s) when the NYPD conducts random scanning in order to deter prohibited and dangerous items from potentially being brought into NYC's public schools.  If and when that should occur, all students and visitors entering RKA may be required to submit to a metal detector scan and personal search, if necessary, to ensure that weapons are not brought into the school building.  Bags and parcels may also be searched by means of metal detecting devices, by hand, or otherwise.
    Any prohibited items confiscated during scanning--or taken during the school day by school officials--will be kept by school Administration until a parent retrieves the item or until items are returned at month's end.

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