Lateness Policy

RKA Lateness Policy

    You are late to school if you arrive after 7:44 AM for high school students and 8:33 AM for middle school students.  Until 9:34 AM, students arriving late must enter through the Student Entrance on West 237th Street by the auditorium.
    You will fill out two halves of a late pass.  Turn in one half, along with your jacket or coat, to the school aide, and hold onto the other half as your pass to class and your "coat check" receipt.  For 9th through 12th graders, your belongings will be returned to you at the student entrance at 2:30.  7th and 8th graders may pick up their belongings at 3:35.  Every third lateness will result in a full-period after-school detention.
    Students who "sneak" into school late and avoid the Student Entrance will be marked absent for the entire day, even if individual teachers note your presence.  Only students with late passes have their attendance record reversed.
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