Services for Students with Special Needs

The Department of Education provides special education services to students across the city in the vast majority of schools.  Our school services children with a range of special needs.

The majority of our special education students are enrolled in middle and high school classes with students who do not have disabilities.  In some cases, these students are in "Collaborative Team Teaching" classrooms (CTT), in which a general education teacher and a special education teacher work together to provide a nurturing, differentiated environment.  Other special education students attend self-contained classes where they work closely with a special education teacher in all academic subjects.  If, as a result of an evaluation done by the School Based Support Team (SBST), parents and the school determine that a child has a disability which required special education services, we actively work to make certain that student is provided with the appropriate service.  This process is regulated by the Principal and the Assistant Principal for Special Education.

The efforts of our school are overseen by the Office of Special Education Initiatives, and more directly by the Integrated Service Center for our district.
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