Middle School Guidance Services

Our middle school guidance department has a counselor for our 6th and 7th grade students, a counselor for our 8th grade students, and a counselor for our special education students.  Services include:
*  An extensive "transition program" for our incoming 6th graders, that begins while they are still in 5th grade.  Weekly group tours for 5th grade parents begin in the fall and last for several weeks.   Contact the parent coordinator for dates and information.  5th grade classes from our feeder schools also visit RKA twice--once for a tour of the school, and once to "shadow" a 6th grade class and experience being a 6th grader for a morning!  There is also a 6th grade orientation offered to our new families a few days before school starts, where parents can get their questions answered, and students can meet their new teachers.
*  The "Lunch Bunch" program, which allows selected students to meet in small groups with guidance counselors, deans, and other staff to discuss issues that are on their minds.  The "Anti-Bully" initiative teaches our middle schoolers strategies for coping in difficult social situations, and how to treat each other with kindness and respect.
*  Help for our 8th graders in the complicated high school admission process, and guidance in class selection.
*  An "open door" policy for students if they have any issues they need to discuss in confidence.  Parents are also always welcome to call with questions or concerns.
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