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Homework Policy

    Written homework is given every night in all major subjects as an extension of what was learned during class that day.  You can expect to spend approximately 30 minutes per major subject each night on homework.
    Homework is usually due the following day.  If you are absent, homework must be made up and submitted on the day you return to school for full credit.  Homework turned in later than your first day back will receive partial credit up to 3 days, after which it will not be accepted.

SUGGESTION:  Make sure that you have the telephone numbers of at least 2 "homework buddies," classmates you can call for assignments if you are absent.  The telephone number for the NY Dial-a-Teacher Homework Hotline is 212-777-3380.

Basic guidelines to follow in completing your homework are:
*  Write the school heading on each page of homework.  Example:

    Name                                                                               Date
   Class or Grade                                                  Teacher's Name

*  Do all written work in pen or printed from the computer, with the exception of math work done in pencil.

*  Use complete sentences when writing answers to homework questions.

*  Write neatly and/or word process your work.
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