How will I know if school is closed, or if there is a delayed opening?

    Duriong stormy weather, the Chancellor makes the decision to close or delay the opening of schools citywide.  The decision is made as early as possible, prior to 6 AM on the affected day.
    In case of a delayed school opening, the Chancellor will announce a two-hour opening delay.  A two-hour delayed opening means that school would open at 10:07 AM (Monday - Thursday) or 10:45 AM (Friday) and remain open until 3:05 PM.  If a storm gets worse during the school day, the Chancellor will contact all superintendants and radio and television media and bus services of an earlier dismissal schedule.
    In the event of severe weather, listen to any of the following radio stations for information on school closings or delayed openings:

WINS (1010 AM)
WCBS (880 AM)
WLIB (1190 AM)
WBLS (107.5 FM)
WADO (1280 AM)
WKDM (1380 AM)
WNYE (91.5 FM)
WSKQ (97.9 FM)
WXLX (620 AM)
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