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Our Community

    Marie curie is a small school setting with approximately 90 students in each grade. Staff members from the school and from our lead partner, MMCC, reach out to parents through School Leadership Team meetings, Parent Teacher Association meetings and workshops, health screenings and community health fairs. Other active participants in our community include, Gear Up (nation-wide program), Eat Wise (NYC-based program), and the Youth Development Institute (NYC-based agency), all of which enrich the school environment.

The Partners

    The Mosholu Montefiore Community Center (MMCC) has been instrumental in developing partnerships with local Bronx hospitals and nursing homes which account for the majority of the school’s internships settings. MMCC has also provided camp opportunities for students, as well as after school and summer employment. Two full time MMCC staff members provide social services, extra curricular activities, and support to the school infrastructure. In addition, MMCC helps to staff the college office and provides counseling throughout the week. Lehman College (CUNY) was instrumental in the creation of Marie Curie and its instructional curriculum. They continue to serve on the school’s advisory board.

Our Community Partners include:

· Veterinarian: St. Patrick

· Lehman College: Department of Nursing

· Mosholu Montefiore Community Center

· Bronx Lebanon Hospital

· Jacobi Hospital

· North Central Bronx Hospital

· Jewish Home & Hospital (Bronx & Manhattan)

· NYC Department of Health & Mental Hygiene

· Terrace Center

· Riverdale Mental Health Association

· Lehman College Now Saturday

· Parents as Arts Partners

The  School

Missions: Marie Curie students will receive an academically rigorous education, preparing them for college and successful health related careers in our communities.


Marie Curie students are exposed to many facets of the medical and health professions in the classroom and in real world settings. Marie Curie is a small school community with approximately 90 students per grade. Marie Curie has been successful in raising the academic achievement of its students as shown by the following data:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->·            <!--[endif]-->Average daily attendance: 91%

·         Students at or above grade level (based on credit accumulation): 82%

·         Regents performance:

Math:  98% of students of who took the exam have passes with a 55% or higher, 74% passed with a 65% or higher.


ELA:  93% of students who took the exam have passed with a 55%or higher, 87% passed with a 65% or higher.


        Global History:  92% of students who took the exam passed with a 55%or higher, 82%passed with a 65% or higher.


               Chemistry:  87% of students who took the exam passed with a 55% or higher, 21% passed with a 65% or higher.


The Students

The vast majority of our students have racial and socio-economic backgrounds that are traditionally under served in New York City’s public schools.

·         63%of our students are Latino

·         32% of our students are African American.

·         88% of our students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

·         80%of our students entered the ninth grade scoring below grade level in English

·         765 of our students came entered the ninth grade below level in math.

·         95 of our students qualify for special education services.

·         9.5% of our students qualify for ESL services.  

The vast majority of our students live in the Bronx, and some live in upper Manhattan. As we are not a zone school, the students come from a variety of neighborhoods all over the borough and travel up to one and a half hours to attend Marie Curie.

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