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Welcome! Please visit our school's website at www.kappainternational.org.

KAPPA International High School is a public International Baccalaureate World School, offering a challenging curriculum focusing on internationalism and inquiry-based learning. Our warm community of learners includes a dedicated group of scholars, faculty and staff. To emphasize our culture of learning and meritocracy, all scholars are required to wear uniforms at all times: baby blue collared shirts, khaki pants or skirts with black shoes for girls and navy blue collared shirts, khaki pants, and black shoes for boys.


International Baccalaureate Program(IB)

Beginning junior year, all scholars at KAPPA International participate in the prestigious International Bacclaureate Program (IB). IB is an alternative to Advanced Placement (AP) courses and is offered at high-performing public and private schools in over 100 countries. Most universities around the world offer college credit for IB Courses and scholars who earn the IB Diploma are often given sophomore standing upon beginning college. To prepare for IB, freshmen and sophomores courses highlight authentic writing tasks, inquiry and research-based education.


Core Curriculum

During freshmen and sophomore years, scholars take six core courses and one elective. Elective classes offered include Music, Theater, Art History, Film, Environmental Art, and Psychology. Junior and Senior years, scholars take the IB Curriculum, which includes six core courses, three at Standard Level (SL) and three at Higher Level (HL). IB scholars can choose from English, History, Biology, Music, and Drama to meet their HL requirement. All scholars are required to take a foreign language all four years (Spanish or French).


International Travel

In keeping with the international mission of our school,scholars travel abroad every year. Past trips have included Italy, Spain, Morocco, Greece, Costa Rica, Egypt and Jordan and we will be traveling to Eastern Europe this spring. Annual international trips are designed to complement classroom learning and develop scholars' ability to question their surroundings. While abroad, scholars visit local high schools and build relationships with their students.


Additional Academic Programs

In addition to a rigorous course load, scholars have the opportunity to take college credit-bearing courses through the College Now program at Bronx Community College. Underclassmen have the opportunity to apply to a two-semester Honors Seminar in which they analyze the world through the lens of the modern era's greatest thinkers and write a 7-page research paper.


In-school extra-curricular activities include Band, Choir, Debate, and Drama club. Sports teams include Basketball, Track, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, and Flag Football, both on the campus and school level.


For more information about our school or to visit our community, contactus by phone at (718) 933-1247 or by email at info@kappainternational.org .

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