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Extracurricular Activities

Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps: a four- year multifaceted program designed within a disciplined yet socially enriching environment. Emphasis is on academics, as well as mental and physical health. Student cadets receive diploma credit in the Social Sciences and English. Subject areas include government, civics, constitutional law, writing, finances, American and Global History. The program promotes higher grade point averages in all subjects, prepares students to take and score high grades in the PSAT, RCT, and SAT; assists students with college application/acceptance and 2-5 year scholarships. Extracurricular abilities include: Summer Adventure Camp, Color Guards, Honor Guards, Drill and Ceremony Team competitions, community/city parades and social events.



The SPARK program is a drug awareness program. The program provides classroom presentations on the harmful effects of drug and alcohol use. The intervention counselor provides individual and group counseling on family and peer drug issues and concerns.


Montefiore Hospital runs a free clinic here on our campus for all students. Registration is encouraged for each child and services are free of charge. A Physician, Social Worker and Nurse are available during school hours Monday through Friday.

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