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Our Mission

The academic program at Bronx Theatre High School will accommodate the intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs of creative high school students. Our vision is to provide students with a dynamic learning environment where respect is mutual, ideas are shared and learning is not limited to the classroom. Our school will be a safe and nurturing environment where learning takes place in the classroom, in the theatre studios, in our community and through internship opportunities.

Our concept of a successful school is one built collaboratively by its staff, students, parents, community members and our partner organizations. We will prepare students for higher education and professional careers in theatre and its allied industries.

The key objectives of Bronx Theatre High School are to:

  • engage students, teachers and administrative staff in an exploration of the universal themes of human experience,
  • foster academic achievement by involving students in activity that promotes creative thinking, builds cognitive skills and boosts self-confidence,
  • facilitate professional development for teachers and school administrators to enhance their ability to integrate the functions of theatre into their practice,
  • provide students experience with the business and art of theatre, engage students in a rich opportunity to achieve the state mandated requirements for a Regents Diploma so that they may be prepared to enter college and the workforce.
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