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Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

Building on a model of theatrical teaching developed by Roundabout, our planning team has begun to structure a collaborative teaching methodology that integrates theatre process right into the bones of instructional practice. Heterogeneous students groups will share classes to collaborate and learn from each other. The curriculum will focus on particular themes in order to encourage critical thinking and in-depth comprehension. Classroom activities will be hands-on and project-based in order to stimulate creativity for the group as well as for the individual. Extended class time will enable students to engage in classroom activities and will enable students to have more time on-task. The smaller class size, the even smaller advisory groups and the schedule of classes will foster relationships between teachers, staff and students
  • Active PTA/Parent Coordinator
  • Partnered with Roundabout Theatre Company
  • Partnered with Pregones Theater Company
“My favorite first moment at Bronx Theatre High School was the dream project in English because I got to express myself. I got to show people my dream in life. I’m in the midst of achieving my dream right now!”

“I focused and really paid attention. Now I love my school for what it is, for the beautiful students and teachers in it.”

“I really felt great when we had the perfect attendance party. It felt good to be celebrated for coming to school. That had never happened to me before.”
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