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Office of Program Accessibility
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Additional Data Provided by: P.S. 096 Richard Rodgers
Building Condition and Assessment Survey
Primary Building P.S. 96 - BRONX, 650 WARING AVENUE
Architectural  Electrical  Mechanical
Secondary Buildings
  Architectural Electrical Mechanical
 Building Condition and Assessment Survey (BCAS) Ratings Key
Data Provided by: School Construction Authority
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Department of Health Report
DateViolation CodeExplanationCorrective ActionRemarks
2/22/201010AThe female staff restroom on the second floor also used by the kitchen staff observed without at least one covered receptacle. Self closing door device for ladies restroom used by kitchen staff (2nd floor) noted very weak.Custodian notified. Not resolved
2/22/201010BStagnant water observed on floor under the 2-compatment sink in kitchen. The waste funnels noted too small for the volume of waste water from the sink.Custodian notified. Not resolved
2/22/201011DHand wash sign not provided at handwash sink in restroom used by kitchen female staff.Immediately posted sign in applicable area. Resolved
Data Provided by: Department of Health / Office of Food and Nutrition Services
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Capacity and Utilization Report